My child isn’t happy! She hates going to school! The teacher doesn’t understand him!

We hear these refrains over and over from parents who arrive on our doorstep. The truth is, most schools aren’t equipped to deal with emotional needs. Yet emotional development is the essential foundation for all other forms of development.

Emotional development begins by helping children cultivate self-confidence and a positive self-image. We work hard to ensure students feel valued for who they are and what they have to offer. This forms the core of healthy social development, high academic pursuit, and ever-increasing self-knowledge.

With a strong emotional foundation, children are better equipped to take risks. Teachers work closely to build trust with students, then help them move outside of their comfort zone with no fear of failure. It might be a shy child giving a speech in front of the class, or a highly intellectual one taking the lead on an art project.

Ultimately, strong emotional development is part-and-parcel of strong character development. Children with high self-esteem greet the world with honesty and integrity. They demand a lot of themselves and expect the same from others. Most of all, they are aware of their possibilities and have the confidence to pursue their goals.