We believe a child’s academic, social, emotional and physical development must ultimately bear fruit in the community. “Global” development is our commitment to help students develop awareness of the world around them, along with a desire to act in a purposeful and compassionate manner.

Younger students discover that they can impact a sphere just beyond the classroom. Each December they participate in a hat and mitten drive, designed to create mindfulness of the need to share beyond the school community. Students also take ownership over the cleanliness of the lunchroom, promoted by the question: “If we don’t care about our world, who will?”

As students mature their sense of the world grows exponentially. Projects are carefully selected to help them explore this word, and to empower them to engage in a responsible and caring manner. Projects on pollution, the quality of our soil and the food supply led to a community garden on our school property. An electronics recycling drive led to a permanent drop off box right outside our door.

Last year our senior class participated in a semester-long project on water advocacy. It led them to investigate road salt use in the GTA and its effect on local watersheds. They launched a social media campaign named “Kids Against Road Salt” employing YouTube videos, Facebook and Twitter to reach out to like-minded groups. This work culminated in a documentary film showcased at the WaterDocs International Film Festival where it took home first prize among student documentary films.

At Star Academy we are committed to ensuring “global” development is an essential element of a child’s education. Our vision for a global-minded future is embodied in our Code of Humanity. It calls on us to celebrate the diversity of our world. It demands that we treat people with dignity and respect, and manifest honesty and integrity at all times. It asks that we take responsibility for our world, and be active agents of change when needed. It is something we practice each and every day.