A critical component of a student’s personal growth is physical literacy. At Star Academy we believe in a fun, purposeful physical education program to instill the value of an active and healthy lifestyle. A growing body of research also supports a direct positive relationship between physical activity and cognitive development. The more physically active, the more academically successful.

All students participate in programmed physical education each day. Teachers take the same care in planning these classes as they would any other, setting specific goals for each individual. Our program involves stretching, cardio, and skill development. We play volleyball, basketball and badminton in our full-size gymnasium, and outdoor sports on two acres of natural play space. Outside play is especially important – natural light effects both eyesight and mood.

Classes are designed to meet the needs and abilities of all students, to ensure no one is left out. While we don’t shy away from competitive sports, the emphasis is on teamwork and fair play. Ultimately students learn that competition is about doing better than yourself, rather than bettering yourself at the expense of others.

Older students come to see physical education in terms of overall well-being. It’s not just about speed, strength and skill, but also about being aware of your body – your posture, body language, and energy level. Senior students engage in a research project on healthy eating, presenting findings to peers and parents.

The results of our program have been outstanding. The benefits include enhanced social and emotional development. Students head out to other classes with greater focus and increased self-esteem, ready to work together in a spirit of collaboration.

Recognition of our Programme

PHE Canada Quality Daily PhysEd Award for Star AcademyIn 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 Physical and Health Education Canada presented Star Academy with a “Quality Daily Physical Education Award” in recognition of the school’s commitment to offering an exceptional and comprehensive programme of physical education. The commendations noted that only 3% of schools in Canada are given the award each year, “truly making your school one of Canada’s leaders in physical education.”

The awards are accompanied with a congratulatory letter from the Prime Minister of Canada.