A school is not just a learning community, but also a social environment where children cultivate the skills and values needed to become successful human beings. At Star Academy “social intelligence” is an indispensable part of education.

Social development begins in the early years. Teachers model respectful and caring behaviour, encourage friendships, and help students develop communication skills. Introverts are given a safe place to share ideas with confidence. Extroverts become mindful of quiet time and the need to give space to others.

Because of our low student-teacher ratio, teachers are able to carefully monitor each child’s progress and foster further growth. Social development takes place in the classroom, the lunchroom, in our hallways and on the playground. Meaningful opportunities are sought everywhere.

As children develop, their social sphere expands. We encourage students to engage not only with same-aged peers, but also with younger children, older children and adults. They learn the importance of listening actively, reading body language, displaying good manners, and being responsive to the needs of others.