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About Star Academy

About us. At Star Academy we teach our students how to love to learn. You won’t find this in any textbook, but it’s the foundation of everything we do. It means our students want to try harder and achieve more than they have before. They are recognized for their strengths, rewarded for their achievements and supported regardless. Academic achievement is vitally important, but the whole child is paramount. It’s what we do.

‘Learn to love to learn’ is not only our mission statement, it’s what makes us unique. It speaks to the individual approach that Star Academy takes for everything we do. While we know that our educational philosophy is sound, it wasn’t until we dialogued with other professionals at the international principals conference this past summer that we reaffirmed our 5* pillars and realized that we already take for granted successes that others are still striving for.

Star Academy, founded in 1997, is a private elementary school registered with the Ontario Ministry of Education.  Our core philosophy of educating the whole child for their future uses our five pillars (academic, physical, emotional, social and global), to guide students to their full potential.  Our low ratio allows all children to see their potential and become engaged successful students.

Star Academy focuses on the process of learning, ensuring that its project based approach teaches the students the entrepreneurial skills they will need for the future.  Students come to Star for many reasons, its’ excellent academics allows bright and gifted children a chance to shine, while supporting and encouraging those that have lost the love of learning. Increasingly, parents choose Star Academy because the philosophy prepares the students exceedingly well for the future as evidenced by our graduates. The structure and consistent approach, within this teaching model, along with a firm Code of Humanity is designed encourage students to develop positive moral conduct that embraces self, peers, community and the globe.

Come and see how our values in: Academic- Social- Emotional- Physical and Global are all integral parts of our unique programme. Researched, developed and implemented with students and their individual futures in mind; all day, every day, for all students. Contact Us to book a tour or to register.

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* Star Academy has more academic days, than both the Public and Private sectors.

Star Academy is registered with the Ontario Ministry of Education.