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At Star Academy, we are committed to a 10:1 ratio for our students to ensure that we reach every child. We do this by pairing teachers with unique strengths and abilities together in our classrooms where they can work together to develop a love of learning in their students. 

The Administration

Star Academy

Since its founding in 1997, Principal Belinda Bernardo and Vice Principal Pam Rennie have opened many doors for Star students.

Belinda Bernardo, Principal

Mrs. Belinda Bernardo, Principal

“We have built an academic home for all of our students, one where the students succeed and flourish in all aspects of their development. Each student has value and importance not only academically but personally as well. Being an innovative, forward thinking learning environment is a point of pride for Star Academy. Constantly reviewing research, curriculum and programming, then tying all of this into the needs of our learners is a key part of our school culture.”

~ Mrs. Bernardo


Pam Rennie, Vice-Principal

Mrs. Pam Rennie, Vice-Principal

“To watch each and every student rise to their full potential and gain confidence in their ability is a true joy. The staff team are a dedicated group of individuals with a strong passion to teach. Their commitment to and belief in their profession is exemplified each and every day. From the academic foundations, to technology, social skills, fitness and community mindedness – Star Academy students become confident individuals in themselves and in their role in the world around them. It is a privilege to share this journey with them.”

~ Mrs. Pam Rennie

Main Office Administration

Ever present in the office to lend a helping hand, our office team welcomes you with a smile. Bia Crumpton is our Office Administrator, answering phones, handling parent inquiries and booking meetings. Stephanie Cassells is our Financial Administrator, including tuition payments and payroll.

Bia Crumpton, Office Administration

Bia Crumpton, Office Administration

Stephanie Cassells, Financial Administration

Stephanie Cassells, Financial Administration

The Primary Classroom

Primary Classroom

Ms. Jacobson, Primary Teacher

Ms. Jacobson, Primary Teacher

Ms. Jacobson inspires her kindergarten students to love learning through play-based learning activities in a language rich environment. She builds respectful, caring bonds with children and their families, providing the vital foundation for a wonderful kindergarten experience. The early years are a magical journey, and Ms. Jacobson develops each child’s imagination and creates memorable rituals, traditions and celebrations that honour childhood.

The Junior Classroom

Junior Classroom

Welcome to the Junior class! I believe the most important role I have as  teacher is to ignite students with a lifelong excitement for learning.  My goal is to make the classroom a place where every child belongs, is successful in their learning goals, and has fun.  All student input is welcomed and all ideas are appreciated.  To this end I use hands-on activities, arts-based learning, integrate the use of technology, and consistently help students find ways to relate their learning to real-world issues.  Learning does not take place only in the classroom, thus outdoor education, and volunteer or guest speakers greatly enrich students’ experience.

Ms. OConnor, Junior Teacher

Ms. OConnor, Junior Teacher

“I am passionate about applying the principles of differentiated learning and universal design in my classroom in order to maximize learning for all students. My goal is to make the classroom a place where every child belongs, is successful in their learning goals, and has fun.”

~ Ms. O’Connor


The Junior/Intermediate Classroom

JI Classroom

JI Classroom

 Ms. Mackenzie is passionate and enthusiastic teacher, who strive to create an inclusive environment where students will be challenged on a daily basis. Problem based learning and collaborative tasks will be a large focus in the Junior/Intermediate classroom.  This will allow students to think, talk and work through potential solutions, using various methods including hands-on.  It is my goal as the Junior/Intermediate teacher to instill a passion and enjoyment for learning in the students, which will keep them eager and excited to be apart of the Star community.

Jackie Mackenzie, JI Teacher

Ms. Mackenzie, JI Teacher

“My teaching philosophy is to create an inclusive environment, where each student feels welcome, safe and their uniqueness and talents are celebrated.  Students will be challenged on a daily basis, to promote personal growth and develop as whole and complex individuals.  Additionally, inquiry based learning and collaborative tasks will be a large focus, as the students, myself and Amanda Porter work together towards success.

~ Ms. MacKenzie


The Intermediate Classroom

Intermediate Classroom

Welcome to the Intermediate Classroom! As the Intermediate teacher, I am delighted to be here to encourage all students on their learning journeys.

Amanda Porter, JI Teacher

Ms.  Porter, JI Teacher

“I believe in the importance of teaching students to be independent and active seekers of knowledge, through the implementation of project based learning which focuses on the students’ interests. Furthermore, I strive to promote student success in the classroom by ensuring the necessary tools are in place and that lessons demonstrate differentiation.”

~Ms.  Porter


The Senior Classroom

Senior Classroom

The philosophy of the Senior classroom is grounded in Star Academy’s 5 Pillar approach to education. Our programming will develop all of the academic disciplines within an interdisciplinary context. Whether we are studying the War of 1812 or contemplating the mechanics of an expository essay, students will develop their skills by constructing meaning through self-directed  and real-world investigations. In essence, we will be teaching our students to “learn to love to learn.”


Mr. Jones, Senior Teacher

Mr. Jones, Senior Teacher

“Edison once stated that ‘Genius is one per cent inspiration and ninety-nine per cent perspiration.’ It is my aim to install in each child the desire to learn so that they wish to perspire and aspire for a strong future.”