If Maria Montessori were here today she would love the learning at Star

We love Maria Montessori; her values, her research and her results. Many of those who take her name however do not practice her principles. A few, like Star Academy, honour her principles without having to take her name:

Self esteem. Absolutely. Where it is lacking we build it up. Where it is unrealistic, we work to moderate.

Self regulate. Yes again. A fundamental executive function which we have always treated as crucial to personal and collective success. With over 20 years experience Star has delivered research backed programmes connecting the schooyard, the gym and the classroom.

Self teach. Yes and no – taking risks is an important part of growing. The pain of falling is always supplanted by the joy of rising up again.  However, the higher the risk, the greater the ‘instruction’ required.

Blended classroom. Absolutely! For almost twenty years now our model has encouraged the elder children to lead with respect and humility. All our younger children grow best by listening, observing and trying.

Unstructured discovery. No. All discovery requires parameters. Inventors need to understand that which has come before, designers design improvements to that which already exists. The Star Academy structure is solid enough for collective growth but with fluidity built in for self expression.

Please feel free to ask any questions of us or join us any Friday morning between 8 and 9am to speak to parents and staff informally.

See what individualized education actually looks like.Montessori 2014 at Star Academy