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Parents of Star Academy Students

Parents. We’re often asked, “How can you achieve success for every child with a range of abilities in each class?” Our answer is always the same. No classroom in the country, public or private, has every child at the same place at the same time, in any subject. Our programme simply embraces this fact, rather than ignores it.

But we get a little tired, frustrated, with all the hyperbole used by other schools about their ‘…individual’ this and ‘…low ratio’ that. How does a Parent compare apples with apples..? We’ve never said this before, we prefer to work quietly on behalf of our families, but it’s time. If you want a school that actually delivers on its word, can back up it’s philosophy and education strategies with empirical data, that eagerly composites tailor-made programmes for every child and that has designed a PhysEd programme that is aligned to improve Academic performance, you need to visit us.

* Every child succeeds differently. We love that.