learn to love to learn

Star Academy 5 Pillars of EducationMiddle Years

How well can 1 teacher get to know 27 or 28 students and their parents? While we can empathize with teachers in the public system, can we as parents let the system compromise a once in a lifetime opportunity for our children to fulfil their potential at school? We, as you might expect, don’t believe we should. Is every student compromised? No, of course not. But every year many thousands are. The middle school years can be challenging enough as children look to race towards adulthood earlier and earlier. They push hitherto safe boundaries, and pull on the family anchors they have so relied.

Star Academy maintains a low student to teacher ratio so every teacher knows every child and our Parental Partnership programme bridges the gap between school and home. In recognizing that gap we have, for many years, integrated technology into our daily programme. All senior students are invited to participate in our BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) option, thus teaching them to use their own technology with responsibility for academic purposes beyond Star Academy.

Our belief is that information ‘pulled’, in an order and at a time when the student is ready to use it, is more effective than information ‘pushed’ at a time that suits the teacher. We are never passive, we’re always proactive. The system inspires too few, Star inspires all. A sense of wellbeing, a voice of their own and a pride in independent thought are all core tenets of our students’ middle years.

So if your child is not fulfilling their potential, if a good day for them is going unnoticed, we look to unlock their individuality.

It’s who we are. It’s common sense.

*learn to love to learn™ is so much more than a snappy strapline.