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The Early Years at Star Academy

Most of us accept the idea that between birth and three years old is a crucial time for the development of our children. It’s when personality and character are formed. It’s when we as parents work so hard to search and research everything from the right shoes to the right car seat; from the right diet to the right games and toys, the right friends to the right pre-school – we’re involved all the way. We record their first word, their first step, their first drawing and their first letter written just for you.

Then, BAM! They go into school, where conformity is expected and mediocrity is too often the measure of a model student. Is that enough? Really, after all that effort? Our students find continuity and fluidity within a smaller setting that cares, while simultaneously fostering excellence in academics, from child to child and grade to grade.

Choose your child’s school with the same care shown to everything else. It could change their life.

The Star Academy Early Years programming takes the best of Montessori and Reggio educational philosophies and makes it uniquely Star’s, ensuring that our own 5 Pillars and inquiry-based model are woven throughout the curriculum.

Star Academy’s unique Early Elementary Programming provides full-day learning in a play-based, interactive and social environment that is second to none. Our proven track record sets children up with the skills they need to meet the distinctive demands of the 21st Century.

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