learn to love to learn

100 year old Montessori philosophy, delivered by a 21st Century elementary school.


Why should you trust Star Academy with your child’s learning? Because we have small class sizes? (While we actually do have only qualified OTC homeroom teachers and a low student:teacher ratio…everyone says they have small classes.) Is it because we deliver academic excellence? (We do, but it’s your definition of excellence that counts, rather than any self-proclaimed talents). Perhaps you would choose Star because we teach the Whole Child? (But doesn’t everyone say they do that too..?) It’s not because of our latin motto, braided blazer and superior airs – it’s definitely not that. Never.

So we’re going with the Whole Child. A language immersion school will talk of the whole child, but they’re focused on French. A Math school will teach the whole child, but it’s championing Math. Even OPHEA talks of the whole child, but by definition it’s centered on the physical. The whole child is why our whole programme works so well for the whole school – it’s why LearntoLovetoLearn is so important to us. Across all of our Academic, Social, Emotional, Physical and Global goals we ensure all our families benefit from our unique approach to individual learning. Our curriculum exceeds Ontario standards because we don’t standardize anything; from the class to the gym to the yard, every moment is designed to develop your child. By the time students graduate from Star they will look at things wider and understand things deeper. They will think differently about every challenge and embrace any setback on the way to a solution. They will treat their old friends and new friends with warmth and respect and they will meet you for the first time with a soon-to-be-friend open attitude. They will have Learned to Love to Learn; about concepts, collaboration and the priceless value of continual learning.

You are invited at any time to make an appointment, however our doors are always open on Friday mornings for coffee and conversation with parents and staff from 8-9am.

Belinda Bernardo, BSc, MEd, PQPii, OTC – Principal