A Unique Independent School in Mississauga, ON

Welcome. We read a lot of research studies. Sometimes, only a couple of sentences buried on page 142 resonate with us but if that sparks something we believe will add sustainable value we'll do it. If it makes 'love to learn' faster and/or deeper – we're in. For us that's the key; your child will love learning – the trick is to find out how.

When a child arrives at Star it is rare for them to be able to articulate their preferred learning style and at this point we certainly don't know. But we soon will. We'll try things, we'll amend them; we'll find the best way. We always do.

While you are invited at any time to make an appointment, our doors are always open on Friday mornings for our Community, Coffee & Conversation; every Friday from 8-9am. 

We also offer a series of Workshops for Parents on a variety of topics related to education and parenting in the 21st Century. Everyone is welcome, register online

Belinda Bernardo

Belinda Bernardo, Principal


* Over 95% of Star Academy students go on to the post-secondary academic education of their choice. Every single one of our students achieves both character and academic growth during their time with us – because they love it! 



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